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Yung Ming Machine-HFFS Packaging Machine
Yung Ming Machine Industry Co.,Ltd.
No.601-12, Shuilin Rd., Shuilin Hsiang, Yunlin County 652-41, Taiwan
TEL: 886-5-7853378
FAX: 886-5-7851531

Operation Item:

  1. Horizontal Form Fill Seal Packaging
    Machine (Simplex, Duplex, Triplex & Quadroplex)
  2. Servo Auger Filler
  3. Servo Volumetric Cup Filler
  4. Servo Piston Liquid Filler
  5. Multi-Head Weigher
  6. Vibratory Solid Feeder
  7. Tablet/Capsule Counter
  8. Inclined Screw Feeder
  9. Powder Ribbon Mixer
  10. Low Temperature Drying System
  11. Vacuum Freezing Drying System
  12. Design & manufacture all kind of production line on request

Our Advantage:

Our machine is mechanical design and working by CAM & Motors. Film pulling is by Servo driven system which is easy to adjust by operator. Our principle to design this machine is according to the experience feedback from real operator during production. We can make a beautiful 3 or 4 sides sealed sachet or pouch or bag with good sealing quality and filling weight control. Size change is easy and no additional cost. The quality of each material we used is high grade and with longer life. Our selling price is reasonable than others and the maintenance cost is also very low. If you are looking for this HFFS packaging machine, please contact us!!

Agent Wanted